Sunday, 7 November 2010

And so it begins...

I have kicked off my quest to get back on the hobby trail with something that has been hanging around the place for a while. As some of you may be aware, I am quite a fan of the Armoured Troopers Votoms series (a Japanese cartoon) but have failed on all counts to come up with the correct scaled mechs for my Grymn. Well, during my quest, I acquired a couple of 1/35th scale kits that have sat in my cupboard doing nothing...well...I assembled one but then left it... I thought "what can I do with it?"...and then it hit me...add a Grymn pilot and 'up-scale' it!

Here is the first one to get the treatment. It is still WIP but it is really getting there:

Click the Pic!

I had to make a few adjustments to make it fit in with my plans for used to look like this:

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It was a Marshy Dog...kitted out with flotation equipment...but I have used the various pipes and air-tanks on his back to turn him into a mech with a flame-thrower. I have glued him into a set position so that he is easier to paint. I still need to sort out the grey areas, the shoulder pads, details and some decals but it is a good start...I even managed to knock together a pilot and...SCULPT THE ARMS!!! Maybe I have started to break the sculpting duck...maybe...

Anyway, this first mech is part of my blue squad of Grymn Tunnel Fighters; the ones that carry shotguns with a couple of flame-throwers. I chose him for that squad because he is the prototype and I only have one shotgun squad...perfect.

So what next?

One of these, probably:

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...and there are 4 more on the way...3 more Scope-Dogs and an ST-Bachus (the Bachus will be the command mech).

...I'm so happy I could cry!

The idea is that each of the mechs have a squad of infantry for support; a bit like tanks would in a modern mechanised army. As I have 6 standard squads, 3 close-combat squads with pistols, 1 close-combat squad with shotguns and a command squad, the mechs will be divided so that the Scope-Dogs go with the basic squads, the Marshy-Dog goes with the shotguns, the Brutish-Dog goes with the pistol squads and the Bachus goes with the command squad (it looks like an up-graded Scope-Dog so it will suit as a more advanced mech for the command squad)...

Watch this space for more GIANT VOTOMS ACTION!!!

See you through the haze of battle.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice, have always liked robots and they are nice, where they expensive.

Inso said...

Only £5-00 each! I got them from Comet Miniatures:

Just search for Votoms :).

There is all sorts of stuff there.