Sunday, 31 October 2010


It's that time of year where I feel like a prisoner in my own home...Halloween. A time where children are escorted (some of the time) by parents and encouraged to be greedy as they knock on the door, ask for sweets and if they don't get any...throw something at you.

I buy sweets every year just to fend off the hordes at the door.

I really don't enjoy Halloween.

I am really tired at the moment. I have had a TORRID week at work, have had to get up at stupid-o'clock in the morning to deliver and pick-up my son from school (he went to Spain for a football coaching trip for four days) and have had the I am a bit under the weather too...

I have a broken up night shift to do this coming week...with a night shift on Monday and Thursday and a day shift in between ( a bit of parade practice for the Remembrance Day parades)...sleep?...what sleep?

I know...moan, moan, moan...but I have not had the enthusiasm for anything as I am so bleeping shattered :(.

On the plus side, I sold £100-00 worth of miniatures so I have been able to buy a couple of miniatures cases to store yet more of my metal horde.

I have also ordered ten sets of claw arms to finish off my Tyranid Gargoyles that have sat on the side FOREVER!!! My wife will be glad to see them finished and packed away.

I have made a small order with Heresy so that I now have the remains of a complete set of trench-coat gang-members on the way (and some bases and Green Stuff).

A friend of mine from work brought in a rather interesting chunk of foam-board for me. It is all textured and lumpy and I thought it was very nice of him to do it...seeing as my hobby is viewed with ridicule where I work (I pitty them, I really do ;) ) is now chopped into bits and is in the process of being covered in of the only things I have had the motor skills to actually do this week :(. Once it is all finished, it will make a nice background for my photographs.

I have found my E-bay Carnifex and have been bulking it out with some Green Stuff. I would try to do more than just bulk it out but I have no concentration I won't because I'll ruin it.

There is an unofficial 'Diorama of Doom' competition over at the Forum of Doom that I have been roped in to running...take a look and give it a go:

DoD Competition

Finally, I would like to congratulate Andy Foster for finally finishing his masterpiece of a Dragon:

the Heresy Dragon

Well done is absolutely STUNNING work.

Well...that's about it for today. I'm sorry I haven't got anything too interesting for you today but I haven't achieved anything worth showing off.

See you through the tear gas, rioters and angry commissariat.


botwt said...

I agree with ya brother about Halloween...I'm just going to ride it out in front of the TV tonight and clean up the yards of toilet paper and the broken eggs and pumpkins tomorrow. :)

The Angry Lurker said...

Just dress up yourself and jump out on the little angels and scare the arse gravy out of them.I want to but I am not allowed and you bought yourself figures so its not all bad.

Inso said...

Well it's all done and dusted now so I don't need to be bothered by it until next year now.