Wednesday, 28 July 2010


At work, this evening, I saw the biggest wasp I have ever seen. It must have been an inch and a half long and almost a quarter of an inch wide in the body department. It was black and greasy looking and I left the room and let everyone else deal with it! I call it being sensible...not cowardice at all.

A rabbit ran across the airfield today. It may not sound too unusual but it is a little bit of familiar territory in a place that has lots of stuff I've never seen at home.

I have learnt a couple of Swahili words: Mbari (hello) and Asanti (thank you)...there is also JAMBO! which is another greeting that is used a lot out here.

The world is a mysterious place and around every corner there is always something new to surprise you.

See you from the top of a safety-raiser!

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