Sunday, 25 July 2010

I nearly missed it.

Yes, it is Sunday and on Kenya time it is it nearly ISN'T Sunday!

I have visited my work place and have been busy sorting things out today. We will be getting some helicopters tomorrow so the work will start in earnest...that means I can finally get my teeth into something substantial. Because we have been doing menial stuff, I have been a bit bored so I haven't slept a full night fact, I haven't slept for more than about 10 hours since I left home on Wednesday.

I got to see a really iridescent blue Starling today. It literally looked like royal blue sapphires were covering its body. I also saw a big, black and white, butterfly that was about 10CM wingspan so it was an unusual sight.

I have started writing a short story about a Grymn soldier who is travelling across space as a terra-former...once I have a finished product, I'll post it over at the Grymn Blog (it isn't even nearly finished yet) see? I haven't forgotten them.

I am currently in a tired but relatively happy state. The conditions I was expecting have proven to be a lot lower standard than I have it could have (and has) been a lot worse.

The Geckos in the loft, whistle to me at night times though...

All is well in Inso's World tonight (I have been chatting to my wife and all seems well at home) it is, after all, good to talk.

See you from a Monkey's point of aim!

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