Saturday, 24 July 2010

Welcome to Africa!

I have finally arrived in Kenya. I started travelling at 23-00hrs on 21st Jul and arrived at my final destination at 12-05hrs on 24th Jul (14-05 local time).

It has been an interesting mix of coach and air travel ranging from a 9 hour coach trip to Edinburgh, followed by a LONG WAIT (chartered aircraft went U/S so we had to wait for a replacement), a 9 hour flight, a 3 hour coach trip through Nairobi to a holding area (where we stayed overnight) and then further coach travel for another 5 hours...FINALLY I am here and sitting in my mosquito net typing up this post...after buying the dongle, top up cards etc...

...I have had about 7 hours sleep over the journey so I am extremely tired but I reckon I'll sleep well tonight!

I have seen my first wild giraffes, storks and even a kite of some description...not to mention the geckos that frequent the buildings. It's all good stuff (now that I am here).

This is a first time for me in Kenya and there is a strong difference between the have's and the have not's...I'll write about that sort of thing in another post.

So that is it...desert bogeys and nosebleeds, cut fingers (taking down a mosquito net of all things) and a strong need for a lot of sleep!

See you through the dust and the mud and the is hoofing it down outside!

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