Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The adventure begins...

Well, it has come to the last post before I disappear to Kenya for a month or two. I will still be about over the next couple of days but I am in the process of packing and sorting out things for when I go...so I will be too busy for too much WWW surfing.

I have a wallet full of funny-money, a mobile phone ready for a foreign sim card, a laptop ready for a foreign 'dongle', lots of stuff jammed in various bags and plenty of bug repellent!

I'll be taking a digital camera with me so there should be some interesting pics turn up at some point...assuming I get connected OK.

I won't be taking any hobby stuff (due to the living conditions) but should be able to spend some time putting some words down for some short stories while I'm away...so keep an eye out over on the Grymn blog for some new material.

I am a little apprehensive about the trip because I have never been to Africa and have not lived so closely with a third world population (where we are staying has a lot of poverty) so I have a lot to learn...but I'm just keen to get on with things now because I am getting really fidgety!

So I'll bid you farewell for now and I hope to have something to add once I get settled.

See you across the plains!


bandit86 said...

Good luck on your trip, we will miss your Grymns for a while but look forward to your story's and your safe return.

Phil Curran said...

I hope that you have an interesting and safe time in Africa.