Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday again...

Well, I guess it is Sunday again. That means that my holiday finishes today and also that it is update time again.

I have had a very slow week this week and have had great ideas about all the achievements I would accomplish but have managed to achieve none of them. Instead, I have piled everything up and saved them for the panic at the last minute.

I don't like the anti-malaria drugs I'm on. They are messing up my sleep and my mood. I hope they level out a bit otherwise I'll have to get them swapped...another thing on the long list...

So, I went shopping yesterday and visited a model/collector's shop that I have passed many times and never visited. It was a little treasure trove! There was all sorts of stuff in there but nothing that was really useful to me. The owner was extremely helpful and keen to show me what he had in stock and as a result, I ended up leaving with something I didn't really want...but I guess I'll just view that as helping out a fellow traveller rather than being a soft-touch...

On to more positive is the painted Erik:

Click the Pic!

It isn't my best sculpt but I think it will work as a Commander of the Grymn forces (whichever ones I happen to have at hand).

What has this sculpt highlighted? I need to practice hands, drapery and pose a bit lot more. I still maintain that for a couple of hours work, it will, as they say, 'do a trip'.

I guess this will be the last Sunday update until I get settled in Africa. I can safely say that there will be a reduction in pictures and there will be no hobby related progress from me because the living conditions where I am going, don't provide me with a good work area so I won't be taking any hobby stuff with me.

I will have a laptop with me so I SHOULD be able to get on line but until I get there, I can't say one way or the other.

That is about it really...

I hope things will be back to normal in a couple of months! so I'll see you all then :).

See you from the belly of the beast!


Brandlin said...

take good care of yourself while you are away Inso!

Inso said...

Thanks :) .

I'll try to...believe me!