Thursday, 29 July 2010 it time to get up yet?

I slept like death last night. I doubt if an earthquake could have roused me. A full 7 hours kip!

That is the first whole night's Kip I've had since I left home a week ago. I fell a bit dopey but much better for a decent night's kip :).

Hello and welcome to Melly.M; the newest follower to Inso's World. I hope you realise this is mostly a blog about war-game miniatures and not just some wayward traveller babbling on about Africa! the moment it IS a blog about a wayward traveller babbling on about Africa!

Welcome aboard Melly.M!

I have sorted my laundry, bagged it up and it is now in the hands of the locals...I hope I get it all back in one piece. I have had a cooked breakfast, abluted (such a wonderful word for washing and going to the loo!) and have written a little bit of text for the welfare e-mail that goes to all of the service families at home. I will be off to work at lunch time with a return time of...UNKNOWN...flexibility is the key to airpower, after all.

Once everyone is together here, we will finally get to start the proper shift patterns and then I can get some sort of normality going with all the lads. Hopefully, it shouldn't be too long.

I think I saw an Acouti last night. If not, it was a bleeping big Weasle!

See you through sleep filled eyes!

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