Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tiny, Happy people holding hands...

Here is the first complete 15mm Dwarf, with a 28mm scale Dwarf for comparison purposes:

Click the Pic!

I may end up detailing the helmet a bit more but, for now, it is good to go.

...better late than never? Who knows?

Comments are welcome on this one (please).

See you in the supermarket.


Ivan DBA said...

That's awesome!! I really hope these will be put into production somewhere, I want lots!

Anonymous said...

How big is a 15mm Dwarf?

Mark said...

I'm not into Space Dwarfs per se - did that in 25mm (yes 25mm( back in the 70's. But I'd buy yours.

I wouldnt worry about other 15mm Space Dwarfs being on the market first - your sculpt is very good and will still have great potential for sales - there are new folks coming in the genre all the time and I expect a big influx once Blue Moon go live with thier Sci Fi lines.