Sunday, 16 May 2010

Early post...for a Sunday change.

Before I start with today's update, I'd like to Welcome tim_b42 and Si, as new followers to the blog. Welcome to both of you and I hope you enjoy some of the more varied aspects of this place.

Speaking of varied aspects, I've gone from Grymn Tunnel Fighters, to waiting for Grymn to arrive and finally to...what can I do to keep me busy while I wait? Well, Friday saw the Mushroom Ogre get his sculpting finished and today he gets his coat of paint finished:

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He is an Ogarix and was originally sculpted to join the band of MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE!!! that I was converting up. The race as a whole are called Agarix and the original miniatures were from Hasslefree Miniatures and they are pictured, in their converted and finished state (I painted their bases today...they have been waiting for this for a very long time!), below:

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The Agarix miniatures don't come with weapons so I added some to give them that menacing ALIEN INVADER look.

For a final bit of cheese...Protect the mushroom god!!!:

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Why didn't I get the Ogarix cast? That is a question I have been asked a lot and here is a list of reasons:

1) It is huge and would need to be cast in resin...I'm not a fan of resin.
2) It has a mix of materials which mean it would have to be cast in resin...see above.
3) The putty I used was old and full of little lumps. Some of the lumps were impossible to remove so throughout the sculpt there are little lumps of un-cured putty...also the surface is not very smooth.
4) He has a really 'half-arsed' weapon that isn't good enough really.
5) I didn't want this to be a measure of the quality of my sculpting. When I release a mini I want people to be impressed with it's quality...not disappointed.

So...that is why it didn't get cast.

That doesn't mean that no one will get the chance to own one...I plan to sculpt a few new big mushrooms over the coming few months and they will be of the required quality to this space!

On to other news...I knew it was going to happen...someone else has sculpted 15mm Space Dwarfs. It is also quite likely that the guys who have been patiently waiting for me to finish mine have bought them...and if that is the case, I don't blame them because I have been exceptionally tardy. That said...I have taken this new development in the miniatures world as a bit of a kick in the pants to get my little guys finished...even if they aren't necessarily going to end up where I wanted them (it is all rumours and I guess we'll see).

To finally get some movement on the 15mm Dwarf project I am going to completely finish one and then see how it goes from there. The first one is almost there...I only need to add feet and a head and then tidy up the gun a bit and he is finished. Seeing as I have posted so early today...I may have finished pix later (if I don't get too sidetracked today)...we'll have to see.

Note to self...don't plaster your unfinished 15mm Space Dwarfs all over the web when you are too lazy to get them finished quickly...SOMEONE will beat you to the prize!

I have a small commission to work on. I am building a Space Marine for a bloke in Belgium. He is sending me a plastic marine and I will be making it all pretty, like :). As I get things done, I'll show it off here...I'm doing the job for a pittance so there will be no complaints :).

Well I guess that food shopping awaits so I'll see you through the bottom of the coffee mug :).


Rob Alderman said...

Great news on the giant mushie and the 15mm dwarves too!

I'd use both for my 15mm games. The hasslefree Agarix as giant indiginous species of some planet and the giant mushie as an even bigger grandaddy agarix! As for the space dwarves, well. Nuff said.

C heers

Anonymous said...

Utterly love your space fungi.

Mark said...

Those are really frakkin weird but I like them! Well done - I;ve been bemoaning the lack of artistic ambition - but I find it on this blog.

Great job mate.