Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The spores are contageous!

I seem to have got the mushroom bug. I blame the fact that I am waiting for a parcel and have become twitchy to a point where I have started to obsess about something new. Let's face it, the painted version of my Ogarix has kicked my mushroom-muse into gear and no sooner had I finished it, I wanted to sculpt some more...starting with a Shaman. Have a look at this very WIP pic of some mushrooms:

Click the Pic!

The top pic is of the shaman, a twisted wretch of a MUSHROOM MAN FROM OUTER SPACE!!! but with the added bonus of having an 'all seeing' eye of great psychic power. Once I have finished the sculpt, it will have a few extra arms so that it could be used for sci-fi and fantasy...maybe one really deformed, one with a tree-like staff and one with a power rod that looks a little like the Ogarix's club...but a bit longer.

The lower pic is of three puff-ball-bombers...little MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE!!! that are quite cute...up until they explode right next to you, showering you with poisonous spores and knocking you over with the force of the explosion.

The Shaman will be about 45mm tall and the puff-ball-bombers will be about 20mm tall.

Isn't life funny sometimes.

See you through the spore choked room!


Alan said...

erm that's just RUDE!

Inso said... must be the camera angle or the light because it doesn't look rude at first hand...

...ooer missus!

John Lambshead said...

Walking condoms!
I have noticed that a number of manufacturers are supplying mushrooms. There must be a demand.

supervike said...

Looks like a real Fungi...I mean Fun Guy...

Tom C said...

Very wrong. Actually it is great.