Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday; Purple Sunday!

I guess it is another Sunday...time is flying by! I went out to a birthday party last night and the lady in question was 40...that will be me next year! Will it be special? No...another day older, another day less to wander around aimlessly on the surface ;).

Sooo...what the heck have I been doing? Well, a few days ago someone on the Forum of Doom wanted to see what a Meesan Boss (b) looked like. I happened to have one that I received at Salute so I assembled it and took some pix (seeing as I am quite a helpful chap really ;) ). Once it was assembled, I thought I may as well paint it so I decided to use a slightly different palette:

Click the Pic!

For anyone interested, here is the low-down on the painting (all GW paints/washes):

Undercoat - Dheneb Stone.
Basecoat (skin/warts) - Chainmail.
First wash (skin/warts) - Leviathan Purple.
Second wash (warts only) - Asurmen Blue.
Third wash (skin/warts) - Leviathan Purple.

Eyes/ Mouth - wash with Devlan Mud.
basecoat (eyes) - Bad Moon Yellow.
wash (eyes) - Thraka Green.

Basecoat (teeth/claws) - Vermin Brown.
First highlight (teeth/claws) - Vomit Brown.
final highlight (teeth/claws) - 50/50 Bleached bone/Vomit Brown.

Basecoat (base) - Beastial Brown.
Highlight (base) - drybrush with Vomit Brown.
Basecoat (base rim) - Chaos Black.

Job complete!

There were a couple of reasons for the metallic look. First, it was something different and I thought it was fitting for an alien. Secondly, I was using this as an experiment for when I paint some fish people that I have...using washes over a metallic basecoat will be how I will be painting them and I need to practice to see how different washes interact with each other.

Just wait until you see the second Meesan Boss I have...more use of an interesting mix of washes...

Onto other things and my parcel arrived on Thursday so I was able to assemble, convert and paint the final three members of the command squad for my Grymn tunnel is the complete squad:

Click the Pic!

For those of you who have been following the build up of this army, you may notice a lack of certain elements that were originally planned in to each squad.

I have decided NOT to use the tracked, shield robots because they placed too many restrictions on the type of transport I could use for the troops. The Comms robots could fit where the Grymn could but the tracked ones would be bigger...and that didn't fit with me (it also saves a lot of work for the time being). I have also left out the 'special' elements of the command squad; namely the panda, big robot and hover-bot. Again, I didn't think they fitted with the austere look of the army so I have left them out.

All of the elements that I have omitted will still end up being used but for different projects so they will get finished in the long run.

The tunnel fighter army now has 66 troops, 7 comms-robots, 6 mini-Mawes and 3 walkers. I have another 3 walkers to add (at the moment) and plan to flesh out the army with a bunch of transports...stay tuned for those :) .

The MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE!!! have not been forgotten. I have been chipping away at the shaman and using up any left over putty on the puff-ball-bombers so there is progress going on all of the time with those. I should have the shaman's body finished today (minus the arms) so there may be another update to the blog a bit later on today (with some pix).

Another sculpting project I have on the go is a small commission to convert a Space Marine to specific requirements. I haven't been told not to show pix so when I get anywhere with the project, I'll show off what I have achieved.

I have started to 'recycle' the Trade Federation, droid-tank that I bought from the charity a kit that had to be pulled to bits is a frustrating thing to it is a VERY SLOW PROCESS...but when it is finished, it will be something different and useful...

See you through the sunshine!

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Those tunnel fighters look really scary.