Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday evening's update.

As I promised earlier, I have some pictures for you. The first pic shows the start of the command squad troops. From left to right, we have: two plasma rifles, a body guard and two Dante Flame-throwers:

Click the Pic!

Seeing as the picture isn't the best, I'd recommend clicking on it so that some of the details show up.

Next up is a diversion from the original plan. It shows a squad of three Vulkan Assault Walkers with the commander in there for scale purposes:

Click the Pic!

They are manned battle-suits and I think that their stumpy nature sits well with the Tunnel Fighter theme. As a side note, the Vulkan on the right has so far been painted three times! In desert, urban and now a tunnel fighter theme...I used to be indecisive...but now I'm not so sure ;).

I have 22 of the Vulkans but only plan to use another three for this army as the rest are spoken for (my Urban Grymn will be using them too...but with a few weapon upgrades).

So...what else have I got to say?

I have just got back from watching Ironman 2 at the cinema. It was awesome!

See you through the paisley pattern drapes!


Tony said...

I think you have done a great job on the Vulcan suits. I particularly like the one, two and three stripes on the helmets.

Well done.


Inso said...

Thanks :).

CJP said...

The Vulcan suits are excellent. Never seen them before, but they really fit the bill for Grymm hardware. Very cool addition to the collection.