Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday and a new direction?

There are times in life when you take a step back and have a look at things and you realise that all the work you have put in may have gone in a direction that may not really work. It can be a huge, life changing realisation or a relatively small one that requires a tiny amount of adaptation to get back on track...

I was looking at my Grymn Tunnel Fighters in all their glory and noticed how coherent they looked...except for the command squad. So much metal, so many robots and then we have a furry little Bear and a giant 'cartoon' style robot to go with the commander. They just didn't suit the general look of the they have been removed and will likely turn up somewhere in the future as part of another project.

That means that I have had to have a bit of a rethink on the command squad and have decided on a standard sized squad, with the robot comms unit and the moving shield robot included. I have decided that four of the troops will be bodyguards for the commander and the other four will have 'experimental' weapons. I have started work on the new squad but am still needing to get hold of three of the bodyguards. The new command squad will be:

1x Commander
4x Bodyguard with pistol and Power sword
2x Trooper with Dante Flame-thrower (Dante's Inferno? Get it?)
2x Trooper with Plasma Rifle
1x Comms Robot
1x Shield Robot

I hope to have some pictures ready to show off a bit later today...

...Speaking of pictures, I have also got some progress on another different direction for the Grymn Tunnel Fighter will find out later what it will be. I will say that I decided to paint these on Tuesday so it was quite a recent decision for them to join in the fun. I will say that the new additions suit the army to a tee and are likely to be joined by a few more.

See you this evening :).

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