Thursday, 13 May 2010 it?

Welcome! Welcome darth tater and Bren Mayhugh. You have brought the follower tally to 60. I hope you enjoy wandering around and viewing the real-estate.

In case you haven't seen the pic below...there is a pic below! The five WIP troops are finished except for the squad colours...but they'll get them when the last three arrive from Hasslefree:

Click the Pic!

I am seriously getting to a point where I will have to start building the shield robots up...all that chopping of plastic is a hell of a hurdle to clear...I would love to say that I am looking forward to it...but I can't.

At least I've still got some more battle-suits to put together to keep me enthused in between. won't be long before I have to build the transports...

See you through the eyes of an ant.


Brendan Mayhugh said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Your blog is great and kkeep up the good work.

Inso said...

Thank you, you're welcome.

I will always try to include new stuff in the blog so stay tuned :).

inrepose said...

Nice work on the short legs. Like the weapons, which look very sharp.