Sunday, 30 May 2010

Slooooowwww Sunday.

Welcome to another Sunday update. I'd really like to say that I had lots to share today but I haven't. The recent lack of sleep has given me the usual twitchy eye and it is really off-putting when you are trying to paint...

...that said, it hasn't been a completely wasted weekend (with regard to my hobby). I have made plans to expand the Grymn tunnel fighter army so I have painted up the two spare comms-robots that I had:

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Those of you who are a bit observant will notice that the robot on the right has a bigger antenna than the one on the left. That is due to it being mis-cast with only one gun barrel (it is a gun-droid after all...I just bend the gun barrels up to act as antennae) so I needed to add an that is what I ended up with. It will be the command comms with an extended range.

As it stands, I don't have any more Grymn for the tunnel fighter project so I thought it was about time to re-visit an old project; my urban Grymn. The final 8 members of the first platoon; an assault platoon, have been sat in my cupboard for far too long so I dug them out. I rebased the final 4 and have painted the base-coat on most of the bits. These are the areas that will be getting a wash of Devlan Mud before much else so it made sense to get them all to roughly the same stage. Here they are:

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As you will see, they are very WIP but this is a milestone in its own I am confident that they will get painted rather than put away again. For those of you who want to know where the bases are from, they are from Fenris Games (who have an E-Bay store).

On to other things and I have been doing a little bit of on-line shopping and have bought some bike spares that should be delivered Tuesday. I have also ordered a batch of plasticard and some bits and pieces from Evil Mushroom Games . They are a great store and have all sorts of hobby related stuff to look at. While on the same little shopping spree, I also bought a few bits and pieces from Old Crow Models ; mostly turrets for a batch of transports that I am planning.

Finally on a sadder note...

It would appear that our stray cat; Rocky, has disappeared. He was becoming increasingly skinny and losing condition drastically. The last time we saw him, he was a bit wobbly on his feet but still had the fight in him to prevent me getting him to the vets... turns out that he was on a neighbour's fence and was caught by a dog. The owner freed him and called in the RSPCA who took him away. It is a real shame that it came to this but at least he is now in the best hands...whether that means he is put to sleep or healed and re-homed.

I wish him the best (one way or another) and I'll miss him because he showed me a damn site more attention than either of our own cats ever do.

I guess that is just life, I suppose...Here's a decent set of pics of him in happier, fatter times:

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See you through the bottom of a glass bottomed boat!

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Rob Bresnen said...

sorry to hear about Rocky inso. He's a beautiful cat. I am sure he apresiated all teh work you did for him making that shelter etc.