Friday, 4 June 2010

Early meanderings...

Good morning to everyone! It is 2am and I'm not sleepy so I thought I'd post a couple of welcomes...yes, we have some more new followers. Welcome to Alex, Zanza Harara and Doctor Warlock. I hope you all have a pleasant stay here and also I hope you enjoy the broad spectrum of 'stuff' that does the rounds here.

...I have two children; a daughter who is almost a teen and a son who is definitely a teen! They are on a weeks holiday from school and I thought it would be nice to have a holiday at home with them (rather than being at work) so that is what I did. To cut a long story short, they were being incredibly boring so I set them a challenge...write a song by midday Friday and have an idea for a tune to go with it or the penalty would be a forfeit (singing a song of my choice, in the garden so everyone could here). In order to keep things even, I said I'd write two by the same time or suffer the same fate!

My son still has to finish his, even though he was more keen than his sister to do it and his sister has finished one, with a second one on the go too. I have finished my two as no singing in the garden for me (not that I don't already...but that's another story ;) ). It is funny what you have to do to stimulate any form of life in teenagers sometimes.

Last night I didn't sleep. Today we spent all day walking around London, eating pizzas, chips and ice creams and drinking lots of coke and coffee...I should be tired but no doubt I will be tomorrow.

We may end up ice-skating tomorrow...holy cow! That will be interesting on the amount of sleep I've had lately....but the good thing about not getting sleep is that it clears your mind for thinking about the more interesting what have I been thinking about?

Grymn aircraft...I have discovered that 1/72 scale A10 Warthogs are too big so I will need to get 1/144 scale ones to satisfy my ideas for a Grymn fighter/ground attack aircraft. I am thinking that it will be a cross between a VTOL and a standard fighter...I just need to get hold of some kits first.

Urban Grymn (do you notice the theme here?)...I have been painting the assault platoon and have been looking through what other troops I have to go with them. So far I have two infantry platoons and a support platoon. I have just put in an order with Fenris Games for another thirty six resin bases (which will be enough for my two infantry platoons) and have enough bases already for most of the support platoon. I have a few minor tweaks to make (some comms are required) and a few conversions to do but once I have the assault platoon finished, I will be ready to start the ground forces in earnest.

Star Wars Trade Federation tank...I have glued a few bits together and have ordered some plasticard and lift fans, which turned up a few days ago, from Evil Mushroom Games. I have some vague ideas about what I want to achieve with it but I am having difficulty deciding how to go about things. The basic idea is that it will be a large floating APC. I haven't decided what I will use it for...but I have always wanted the kit since I first saw it so it is something I needed to do...we'll see what happens.

I have a bunch of Old Crow vehicles that are tapping me on the shoulder, demanding that I paint them...I don't know how long I can resist...

...My motorcycle parts haven't turned up yet :( could be a blessing...who knows?

I'm rambling now so I think I'll potter on my merry way.

See you through the London heat haze :).

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