Saturday, 29 May 2010

Just a few small distractions...

It is far too early on a Saturday morning and I had to get up because I couldn't lie in bed, awake, any longer. I have got a nice cup of PG tea and have sorted out the two cats (one was out and one was in overnight) so I can just sit and type for a while.

Before I go too far, I would like to welcome Heresy-Online to my blog...WELCOME! I hope you enjoy your time here and if you (and any others out there) like what you see, feel free to comment on the posts.

So...a few distractions...what do I mean by that? Well here is what I mean:

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I went to a BBQ at work and got chatting to one of my friends and he said that he could collect my poor, forgotten motorcycle for me. It had been sitting in my in-laws garage for over 18 months and needed to be transported to my latest house due to it not being road legal (no tax/MOT). On Thursday, we went to pick it up and Friday morning it was delivered to my home.

Looking at the bike, you wouldn't have thought it had been unceremoniously stuck into a garage after a seven hour ride in terrible conditions, without a clean and for over 18 months. A couple of weeks ago, I went over and gave it a clean, removed the battery (to charge it) and freed up the brakes and clutch so that I could push the bike around; ready for it to be transported and was quite surprised at how well it had fared...things I have to do:

New fork seals.
New front brake disc.
New wing mirror.
Sort out the sticky clutch.
remove the corrosion (this may take a while).
Get the engine started (I'll need to drain the fuel, open up the sparks and get some fuel sprayed in for lube, and hand turn it to make sure it isn't seized etc).
Service the bike ready for it's MOT.

I reckon that could be classed as a bit of a distraction in it's own right! On top of that, there was the BBQ, the following day recovering and last night I had a dinner guest for the evening so time for any hobby. Mind you, having a dinner guest meant that I had to clear my workstation from the table and that was a good opportunity to have a bit of a clean up:

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What's on the table? My mushroom sculpts, some Space Marine components (my little commission) and 8 urban Grymn. I have run out of tunnel fighters for the time being so I thought I'd try and get the last 8 members of my urban assault platoon finished. It is a vain hope because it means I have to paint lots of tiny squares...I also have to remember how I painted the other ones!!!

On to other things, it is now half term holiday for my children so (for a change) I have taken some leave to spend some time with them while they don't have to be at school. That could mean plenty of hobby time or it could also mean plenty of going out all depends on how active my (teen-aged) children feel on the day.

Anyone been to Kenya recently? I'm due to go there mid July with my work. I'll be there for about 6-8 weeks...I think it will be a challenge but I'm sure it will be entertaining (even if it is going to be hard work)...I am in the process of sorting out internet for when I'm out there so that I can update Inso's World.

That is about it for now...don't expect too much of an update tomorrow as I can't promise anything constructive for today.

See you through sleep deprived eyes!

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