Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunshine Sunday! it Spring? As I look out of the window and see the beautiful sunshine I could really believe it...even if it is going to be short lived (probably).

All this sunshine got my feet itching so I went to a small Wargame event over at Abingdon today. Called Overlord, it consisted of a couple of halls filled with traders, tables and even a bring-and-buy table. I bought a few little bits and had a wander round...for a small event it was well run and there were a lot of people there. Definitely well worth the visit.

Apart from that, it is my son's birthday today...the grand old age of 14. Of course, what it means is that as a parent, I'm not welcome so I have left him with his mate to watch the football and get on with stuff...

So, Grymn Tunnel's the next six finished:

Click the Pic!

They all have shotguns and are all the same miniature but with differently positioned heads.

The next Tunnel Fighters will be six with pistols. I haven't got any further than cleaning up the parts and chopping off the heads; the assembly will be done over the next few days. After those, I have another five with Pulse guns to build.

Currently, the Grymn Tunnel Fighters have 29 troops all finished...ticking along nicely.

So what else is there to share? Well, E-Bay has been kind to me and I have a nice batch of eleven tanks on their way. They are perfect for my Tunnel Fighter plans but may not be what everyone is expecting...I'm keeping the secret under my hat for now but when they arrive I'll show them off.

Apart from that, it has been a quiet week with not a lot to show off.

Keep watching the Grymn Blog (link over on the right) as I update it fairly regularly. I am still looking for input so if anyone has stuff they want to add...let me know.

See you through the Halcyon Daze.


Rob Alderman said...

Glad you enjoyed Overlord, that was my old club!
I'm at uni though, so couldn't make it this year!

Ahh 14, I remember that age. But football? Rots your mind!

Jolly good job with the tunnel-fighters fella.

Inso said...

Apart from a few issues with sign posts and the usual Abingdon one-way system confusion, I would say that the show was brilliant (for the size) and well attended.

I love going to these sort of events because you never know what you will find. I now have a small scale Alien Drop-ship (from the film). It is a toy but it only set me back £5-00 and will make a great addition to something or other :).'m not a fan either but I have encouraged him along that direction as it is a lot more popular than the whole wargame thing (I'm a realist and he doesn't have the patience for painting).