Thursday, 4 March 2010

As promised...

First of all, I'll apologise for the delay with pix but that's life for you...

Next, here's the finished pic of my 'Dress-A-Kev' miniature...with a standard sized human to show how small he is:

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On to something more familiar...more Grymn Tunnel Fighters. They are still WIP but seeing as they are all assembled and I had my camera out, they were fair game. The pic also shows a bit more progress on the robot:

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Finally, I painted a miniature a while ago from the Void 1.1 game system. She is Commander X and she is pictured below. The red miniatures below her are more Void 1.1 miniatures and they will be acting as a body guard for her. They are Black Legionaries...even though they aren't black:

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Yes, I know it is another diversion but if it keeps me painting then it is worth the distraction. I have been waning a bit lately and I needed something to get my painting flow going doesn't help that I am learning the Void1.1 rules at the moment and that means reading all about the troops...I am bound to want to paint some (and these have been in my cupboard for ages).

Well...there you have it.

See you through the kaleidoscope.


Rob Alderman said...

All looking excellent.

Ilove the robot sculpt. I'd definately get one in 15mm...


fog99uk said...

Not too sure about the robot myself, it looks too much like an Orc for my liking.

John said...

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Fantastic pictures.

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Inso said...

@Rob - 15mm is a very sketchy area for me. The Dwarfs are testament to how I feel about 15mm...maybe I'll finish them one day...I hope I do but it is just down to the Muse and whether it lets me get enthusiastic about them again.

@fog99uk - It is still very WIP. It may end up looking like an Ork...but it may not. I was hoping it would look more like Mongrol from the ABC Warriors myself but if it ends up how I want it to, if it looks like an Ork, it looks like an Ork. The paint-job will define it as a working robot rather than an Ork and it will also be too neat and tidy...but we'll see :).

@John - sorry but I don't get involved with on-line campaigns of any kind. I'll check out your blog though :).