Sunday, 28 February 2010


I paced the room. I fidgeted. I switched the modem on and off. I even re-set the computer a good handful of times...

...but nothing worked.

I have been without internet for two whole days and it has made me realise two things.

1. I don't like being without internet.

As a result of that and being completely shattered...I have done very little with my hobby this weekend.

So...what HAVE I actually done? Well yesterday I sat down with my various bits boxes and sorted them out. I got rid of lots of little bags, clipped things of sprues and sorted them all out into little partitioned boxes. All of those stray miniatures were gathered together, taken out of the boxes that they arrived in, removed from the back of drawers and put in yet another partitioned box.

What has that achieved?

I now know that I don't have the right Grymn spare to use as tunnel fighters (so I ordered some).
I have more sci-fi weapons than I could possibly use for I may build a piece of scenery in the shape of an armoury at some point.
I have more Heresy miniatures than I thought (which wouldn't be a bad thing if I had painted a few of them).
I have a LOT of Void 1.1 miniatures that need some attention.

It is a good thing to have a sort out once in a while because you uncover stuff you forgot you had. I found a bunch of Heresy 'Hellmites' that are likely to come in handy for tunnel creatures, four Hasslefree Mawes which will end up as the big brothers to the lesser Mawes I hope to buy in the future (when they get released) and a bunch of fantasy stuff that I had forgotten about.

So, when it comes to actual hobby stuff...what have I achieved? Well, I've painted my 'Dress-a-Kev' sculpt and have started painting another Human sci-fi figure from Hasslefree. I have assembled six Grymn with shotguns, added the Pig-Iron heads but still need to sculpt the join and hunch back on them and I have added a bit more putty to the robot sculpt. I have also added a few claws to my Tyranid Gargoyles...but they are a bit of a mix-and-match so I'm not as happy as I could be about them...but they will do.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about tunnel vehicles. There will be more about them in the near future.

So much writing and so few pix? That's right...I haven't taken any! I'll get some taken over the next day or so because I will have the time...seeing as I am on a week's holiday.

Have a lovely Sunday evening and if there is nothing to cheer you up, just check the web for the British gold medalist for the Skeleton at the winter Olympics. Plain she may be but she has the biggest smile you'll ever see!

See you through the fields of Daffodils.

As a footnote...have a look at the Rambling Corner blog over on the right. If we take a bit of notice, it will get updated more often and that will be good for everyone.


Rob Alderman said...


No, I'm the same mate, always need internet access. I really hate it without it. Always thinking 'what am I missing?' or there's always something really juicy for my blog.

Actually, I might upload something soooooon(ish).


Anonymous said...

I'm totally addicted to net.

Sorting stuff out can give you new angles on old ideas, too.

Roger said...

I can agree 100%. Without internet I feel like I'm missing a body part

Inso said...

I'm not sure what made me more annoyed; not having internet, not knowing the reason why or it suddenly working, out of the blue without notice.

It's all fine now though :).