Friday, 26 February 2010

Just a quicky!

I just wanted to post a quick note to say hi to our newest follower Rob Alderman. Hi Rob! I hope you enjoy your stay and find a few ideas worth expanding on while you are here.

While I'm posting, I thought I'd show off the latest six painted tunnel fighters:

Click the Pic!

That makes 23 finished now. I have nearly run out of usable Grymn so I will have to order a few more very soon. I have managed to find another six to add to the ranks though. They are all holding shotguns and although they are all the same miniature, I have made them look a little different by putting the heads on facing different directions. Once I have finished converting them, I'll post pix.

That's it for now!

See you through pastoral curtains!


Rob Alderman said...

Hey man, they look ace!
Do a shoutout for my blog! :)
Not updated very often, but it usually has a thing or two come up every few weeks.

Your grymn are excellent, I have followed them for quite some time. A full shot of all the painted ones together would be truly awesome.

Cheers fella!


Inso said...

Thanks :)

I'll shout about your blog for you...if you update it more often ;).

When I've got a couple more of the Tunnel Fighters done, I'll put together a group hug...promise.