Sunday, 14 March 2010

Early Update

I'm not going to waffle today so here is the latest batch of Grymn Tunnel Fighters:

Click the Pic!

That brings the running total to this pic shows:

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The next batch has been assembled and is waiting for the Green Stuff to be sculpted:

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As for the green thing in the last pic, that is an epic scaled Landraider from GW. Who knows what it will become? I guess I do but all will become apparent very soon.

It has been a slow week this week with not a lot going on apart from the tunnel fighter squad. I have managed to get a few bits and pieces for a couple of planned conversions and have been thinking a lot about what to put on my other blog (see Grymn Blog link on the right) but apart from that, fatigue has not been my best friend this week so I haven't been too active.

Hopefully things will change soon and I will fill the blog with goodness!

See you through the tyre smoke!

1 comment:

Rob Alderman said...

I'm gonna guess the land raider is gonna become a small mining robot.

Or perhaps a robotic 'canary'...

Good job though Inso.