Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday...a day of much hobby action...

I have had quite a busy hobby weekend and have managed to get on with quite a lot of one thing and another. First of all, I have managed to wash and start the plates on my Carnifex:

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The Carnifex will need a little bit of extra work because the wash pooled in so many areas that I need to cover things up a bit. As a result, I am using some Tau Sept Ochre to base paint all of the plates instead of just going straight for the Bubonic Brown. I can't see it making too much difference in the overall scheme of things but it will end up looking tidier than if I didn't add the extra paint layer.

On a further Tyranid note, I have been busy removing Rippers from bases and cleaning them up. The Rippers in question were from E-bay and I now have another 31 plastic and 5 metal ones to fill another 10 bases. I still have 15 more to clean but I have really made a dent in them. I've also started the base preparation for the ones I have already painted. I have the magnets and the bases 'hole punched' I just need to get some Araldite to glue things together then I will be set.

On a completely different note, I was in 'Allworths' (it is where Woolworths used to be) and saw some very cheap 'Connect 4' games. I bought four and will be going back for another four at a later date...why? Because the counters will make excellent tank wheels for my APCs (I just can't bear to cut up bits of dowel for so many wheels) and the game boards will make excellent chassis components for...something else...

Keeping on the 'completely different note' theme, I recently received a parcel from Pig Iron Productions that contained a bumper pack of head sprues. I wasn't planning on doing anything with them just yet...but one thing led to another AND:

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These are Grymn (from Hasslefree Miniatures) with the inner guard heads from the sprues. The pic shows 5 that are currently waiting for conversion to be finished and 4 that are already finished. All I have done for the conversions is to chop off heads from the grymn, chop off heads from the sprues, pin one to another and then build up a 'hump' on the backs to bulk the Grymn up a bit.

I am thinking that these look like tunnel fighters so I put little lights on the side of their helmets. It is good to be back in the Grymn thing again.

Well, that's it for now! Enjoy the rest of the day.

See you through the nostalgia!


Anonymous said...

Love the grymn! Are the helmet lights greenstuff, or did you repurpose something else?

Inso said...

There are some fwd facing blobs on the helmets that could be targeters but I have made them a pair of lights (one IR) to further expand the Tunnel Fighter theme.

When I get a few more finished, I'll get some better pix taken (then you'll also see the rather patchy washes on the weapons...)...