Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday update.

Another Sunday...another update and to start off I've finished the last six of the Grymn Tunnel Fighters so I now have a grand total of ten:

Click the Pic!

I have ordered a few more heads from Pig Iron Productions and will be pausing on the Tunnel Fighter project until they arrive. That doesn't mean I haven't got lots of ideas:

1. Robots with shields on both arms to walk in front of the Grymn, soaking up incoming fire and shielding the Grymn from harm.
2. Robots with heavy weapons to support the advance into tunnels.
3. Low height robots for general duties...maybe even IED clearance.
4. Native creatures to act as 'sniffer dogs' to hunt out the enemy (this one could be VERY interesting!).
5. Bikes for scouting ahead (recumbent style, low slung with lots of lights!).
6. Some sort of transport...I haven't decided what yet...
7. Characters (both Grymn and robots).

Lots to get the brain ticking over!

On to the Tyranid threat now and I have finished the first layer of highlights on the Carnifex's plates:

Click the Pic!

I had to do a bit of research to decide whether the chimneys on the back were body or plates...but I got there in the end. I am now confident that I can continue painting the next layer without worrying that I've missed anywhere!

Still on the Tyranid theme (but with no pix yet), I have started work on the second Carnifex. I will be bulking it out considerably and turning it into my Hive Queen (which will be a Tervigon for rules purposes). At the moment I have started bulking out the abdomen with Milliput ready to start on the Green Stuff work later on. The beast will be very similar to the Carnifex (it will have two legs and four claws) but will have an orifice for dropping out lots of beasties...oo-err!

That is about it for now!

See you through the mist!


Anonymous said...

I know you've classed them as tunnel fighters, but those could just as easily be space suits for hostile environments.

Also looking forward to your modified Carnie!

fog99uk said...

The heads look great. I was thinking of getting some heads from Pig Iron when I get round to making my Gwymn Miners unit.

I need to get some big demolitions charges and drilling equipment as well.

Inso said...

I think that these particular heads would suit all sorts of environments (I even thought they would be OK for underwater adventures)...I just did the usual thing and picked one to act as the theme and off I went :).

The Carnifex will be a long way off! I have barely started it :).

As for drilling equipment, Forgeworld has an interesting drilling machine with the Death Corps of Krieg. Rattlehead games also have a big drilling machine.

...of course there are lots of Thunderbird toys out there that would convert...

Mahon said...

So these are grymn with Pig Iron heads? Hmmm....

They look excellent this way. My collection of grymn is much smaller than yours, but that's an interesting variant to try.

They look a bit steampunk, which might make them a good force for Victorian SciFi force.

Keep up the good work!


Inso said...

Thanks :).

I agree, these heads are pretty well suited to steam-punk or VSF. I reckon that changing the gun metal to brass would further enhance the VSF look (they'd almost look like deep-sea diving suits).

Mahon said...

And now you got me!
That sounds like a plan! :-D

I just wish I had more time for painting... But this sounds like a must-do project...


Mark said...

I think those Grymm are brilliant! Much better than the originals.