Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A brief intake of breath.

I have started to paint the finished Carnifex. I have so far undercoated and base painted the whole thing Bubonic Brown, ready for applying the washes and it has taken AGES!!! I really wish I had an airbrush...ho-hum...something that I will eventually get.

I have also had a little success on E-bay and have won a couple of lots of Rippers...I have 16 so far and another 25 on the way so that makes another 10 bases worth. Once I have them all together, I'll put them on their cardboard painting strips and off I'll go...again.

Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky with a cheap I'll have to be patient if I am ever to start building my Hive Queen / Tervigon...I have plenty to be getting on with while I wait.

Anyone going to Salute this year? If you do, it looks like I may be hanging around the Hasslefree Miniatures stand...AND I was invited too! Maybe I'll see you there.

See you through the throng!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to Salute again. But it's a bit of a hike from Oz. Enjoy.

Inso said...

Sorry to hear you can't make it but I guess it's a huge amount of money and time for a one day event.

I suppose you have equivalent events in Aus?..even if it's just Games Day.

I hope to enjoy the day...I'll be working at HF and that will stop me wandering off too early :).