Sunday, 24 January 2010

Little and ...rarely...

Well, it is Sunday and that means it is update day.

What have I got for you today? Just a couple of things...

First up, do you remember that I ordered a turreted APC from Fenris Games? Do you also remember me saying that I was unlikely to use the turret? Well, I decided that the turret made a great little scout vehicle for 28mm Grymn or a main tank for's my Grymn adaptation (Grymn only shown for scale):

Click the Pic!

All I have done is add a skirt using Milliput (leaving lots of fingerprints to make it look like cloth), some bags and a door. I also replaced the main gun with a small HMG from the Grymn range of accessories from Hasslefree Miniatures. The tarnished effect on the paint came as a result of laziness. Befor I started working on the turret, I forgot to wash the resin. I realised that there was relaese agent all over it when I had finished the converting and also that I couldn't wash it because of all the Green Stuff...I may have washed it off. I decided to use a spirit based varnish to coat the vehicle and this would effectively de-grease it. It was taking a while to dry so I painted on to the tacky varnish...hence, dodgy paint-job. I know it could use a few markings but I did the thing as a 'see what you can do' sort of thing rather than anything it may or may not get markings.

To Keep the Tyranid theme going, I have assembled the rest of the box of Gargoyles to the same standard. I currently have ten Gargoyles with no weapon arms fitted. I need to make twenty talons for the arms and to be honest, I haven't had the enthusiasm for I did a little more work on the Carnifex and left the Gargoyles to it:

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The Carnifex now has a scythed tail and both pairs of arms finished. I still need to do a bit of filling on his carapace but he is nearly there.

On to other hobby at the moment.

As a result of the change of job, odd shift patterns, extended working periods and general 'LIFE GETTING IN THE WAY', my hobby has taken a lot of a back seat recently. This is likely to continue for a good month or so while I come to terms with all of the new demands that have been placed on me. As a result, updates will be sparse and they may also be quite random in subject. The reason for this is that I need to keep things interesting or I quickly lose interest because I am so fatigued at the moment.

At the moment it is pointless asking whether 'this project' or 'that project' is getting worked on or nearer to completion because what I post will be all I am doing. Things I am hoping to finish (in no particular order) are:

1. Desert Tyranids.
2. Urban Grymn.
3. Desert Veteran Grymn (including Cavalry).
4. 15mm Space Dwarfs.
5. Vulkan Battlesuit platoon (part of the Urban Grymn army).

These are my PRIMARY completion targets (I have so much other stuff that it defies description!) and if I get bored with one, I will work on another...unless I get the muse to try something in between.

Please don't ask how I am getting on with stuff as it just puts me off and I end up working on something different. It isn't me being awkward or anything, it is just the muse being cruel...she is, after all, a very cruel mistress!

So...there it is. I am working hard, enjoying the challenge and trying to squeeze the hobby in where I can.

See you through the gas curtains...the air is yellow and smells of almonds...

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