Thursday, 21 January 2010

Is it the weekend yet!?

I can't wait until tomorrow evening...I am absolutely tired out. Not a lot of sleep, a very busy day shift and having a very steep learning curve has both kept me on my toes and made me shattered in equal measure.

I am loving it :).

It has so far been a huge change to what I have been used to and getting used to shifts has thrown my body clock right out but the new challenges have fired up parts of my brain that I had forgotten I had.

So...lots of work, not a lot of sleep and getting home completely wired has meant that painting and sculpting has been completely blown out of the water. All I have managed to do this week so far is partially glue 2 Gargoyles together...nothing more except for lots of thinking about stuff to do.

So why bother posting? Well I noticed today that I have two new followers. Welcome to The Mighty Flip and Matt; I hope that you enjoy your stay and maybe get a little inspiration from my blog.

Well, that's it for now.

See you through the back of my eyelids!


Tom C said...

How about those 15mm Space Dwarfs?

Inso said...

I'll get onto them at some point...I am a hobbyist and unfortunately, I have a real job that, at the moment, is placing huge demands on me.

Once I get back to some sort of decent level of energy and have started to get a bit more sleep then I'll get back to them...I promise. They are just too small to work on at the moment...sorry.