Sunday, 6 December 2009


well, I'd like to say I had something wonderful to show you tonight but I haven't. That doesn't mean that I haven't achieved anything...because I have and it is currently sat in the kitchen, on a bin-bag drying.

Yes...Operation Cat Safe is nearing completion. I have one more coat of varnish to go on it and a bit of polythene and it will be finished. I worked on it for a few evenings last week and again yesterday to finish the has been a varnishing day.

I have got a nice cushion to go inside it and then it will be a case of hoping that our stray cat, Rocky, will actually use it.

As soon as it is dry and fitted out, I will post some pix.

It's going to be a Grymn, Grymn, Christmas this year. I have a host of them on the go; including a rather special one that will be shown off once he is finished. I can't see it taking very long as I am in the right sort of mood to get it finished quickly.

With all the work on Operation Cat Safe, I have had no time for tanks...but they are on my list and I am literally, chomping at the bit to start chopping up doweling for the wheels.

What other news do I have?...A change of job.

As of the 4th Jan 2010, I will be back to working on aircraft again and I will also be starting shift work for the first time since I went to Iraq a year or so ago. I am extremely happy about the change as my current job was really getting me down. Good things come to those who wait I guess. a day or so, I'll post a few pix. Until then...

See you through the joy!


Anonymous said...

What happenned to the commission you were doing? Who's going to sell them?

Inso said...

I wasn't doing a commission. I was sculpting some 15mm stuff that a couple of companies wanted...but I warned them that it will be done at my pace.

Unfortunately, the loss of a child and illness has slowed me down a bit more than I'd planned.

As for who will sell them...I can't say.

Anonymous said...


As to the second point, I was asking on the assumption you had sent them off already. :(

Inso said...

Sorry for the disappointment :(.

I started sculpting the 15mm Dwarfs just to see if I could...after one pic on line, I had two companies get in touch...that immediately upset the muse and things have slowed down to more or less nothing. Then life caught up with me...

I'll get on to them soon but at the moment it's painting and not sculpting that is floating my boat...

Aaahhhh...the dreaded muse...there is no controlling it.