Saturday, 12 December 2009

...a few days late but...

I know I should have posted a few pix a few days ago but I have been busy with...enjoying life, actually. Tuesday night I finished Operation Cat Safe, Wednesday night I put it outside...but didn't have any battery life in my camera to take pix of it (it was also it wouldn't have been easy to photograph anyway), Thursday night me and my better half went to a beer call and Friday...I just couldn't be bothered because I was very tired (I'm not sleeping again). without further ado, here's the very small project I was working on:

Click the Pic! (it'll be easier to read)

Next up, here is the little miscreant who, only yesterday decided to claw my glasses off (again) and leave me bloodied. He is called Rocky and is the reason for Operation Cat Safe:

Do you want to read this? Click the Pic!

Next up is the little abode I knocked together for him:

Do you want to read this? Click the Pic!

I could have done it differently but I wanted to get some shelter done quickly so I cut a LOT of corners. As you can see from the pix, Rocky is getting used to it.

Apart from Edgar the Santa, I have recently purchased a Hurn (from Heresy Miniatures) and he is on my painting table getting a work over. I wasn't going to start painting it but it was one of those miniatures that demanded I just had to. I will have some pix of him tomorrow when I put up the Sunday update.

On to other news....I am on my Christmas Holiday! I am happy and I have three weeks of time at home...that means plenty of time for family, friends and of course; my hobby.

Well...that's about it for today. Check out the links on the right of the blog for Heresy Miniatures so that you can see for yourself how good the Hurn really is.

See you through the mud and the blood and the beer (quoting the late and truly great, Johnny Cash).


Rob Bresnen said...

Like the santa grym inso- very funny.

That is one good looking cat- hope he takes to his new shelter. His puffy mouth is probably gingervitus- he might need some teath out.

merry christmas

Inso said...

Cheers Rob!

The tooth problem is, as you said a 'teeth out' one. I managed to get him to the vet once so the vet has seen in his mouth.

The down side is that I can't get him near a pet carrier I will have to get creative in order to get him sorted. At least his condition is much better and he is much happier than he was.

The new year will call for a bit more 'Pro active' action...but he always rips me to bits when I try to help him :(.

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