Sunday, 13 December 2009


Well, I hope that after yesterday's bumper update, you'll be a little bit lenient with me. I have spent most of the day finishing the pictured mini off (apart from painting the base) and I'll go as far to say that this is one of the best miniatures I have painted in a long while. I have painted it in fairly bright colours as I have decided that he is an alien gladiator and not some sort of sneaky hunter (that most people will associate him with ;) ). I've kept the base clean as it will be representative of a gladiatorial arena with just sand on it. I will paint a bit of blood on at some point after painting it sand coloured (just to add to the flavour). Anyway, the miniature is from Heresy Miniatures and he is a Hurn. He's on limited sale and if you want one, you'll need to get in quick. He is quite large and measures 35mm to the top of his head. Here he is:

Click the Pic!

This miniature has given me the painting bug again and I hope it stays with me. If you happen to buy one, it comes with extra hands, forearms and a shoulder mounted weapon so that you can customise it a bit. I am just disappointed that there is only one :(.

That is it for tonight.

See you through the scope...pray you see me first ;).


Alan said...

cool job Inso...

It may just be me and my yuletide spirit, but he looks a bit christmassy to me...

Maybe he and Edgar have been asked by their various embassies to attend the same Christmas party hosted by the Human ambassador and now all hell is about to break loose because they've turned up in the same outfit!

Inso said...


The reason they are both red is that I have just got the box of foundation paints from GW and I am so happy that I can paint a red basecoat in one go that red is the 'in' colour at the moment...that and it is festive :D.

Glad you like him, I was very happy with the way he turned out and I reckon that I've got the bug hopefully I'll start churning out a few more paint-jobs over the next few weeks.

Edgar: "Fill the bag and my associate won't hurt you".


Edgar: " I love this time of year...the humans are so trusting"....