Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday Shenanigans.

Welcome to our newest follower 'The Worker'! I hope you find something of interest in my world. Things have been a bit slow lately but they are picking up again...especially with the promise of time off over the festive period.

I have been busy over the last few days putting together the supplies for my latest UBER-PROJECT. What is it? Operation Cat Safe! Seeing as our stray cat can't come into the house and doesn't want to go near the cat carrier for transporting to the cat rescue centre, I have gathered together a bunch of wood and tools and will be building him a shelter in our outside porch area. It will be done in my usual style...no plans and a lot of trimming as I go! But it will be a better propostition than sleeping in the rain (especially when we fill it with blankets and stuff).

While I was out, I also bought some larger diameter dowelling rod for my tank wheels...along with a tenon saw and mitre block to make sure I cut the wheels nice and square...can't be bad, can it?

I'm also looking towards getting my Honda motorcycle back from storage over the next few weeks...it will not be a happy time as it was stuck in a garage in a rush, with no preparation for storage...I am fearing the worst :(...luckily my newest neighbour has a bike trailer so I won't have to worry about riding the bike to my new address.

What is cool about Christmas? Satsumas! Cheap, cheerful, good for you and full of vitamin C...oh...they also taste good and keep you regular!

Yep...things are looking more and more interesting at the moment :).

See you through the rosey glow!

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