Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Monday...and something different AGAIN!

Unless you are new to my world, you will know by now that I tend to be a little...fickle?

I am fairly easily distracted and change my mind on an extremely regular basis... and tonight would be no exception.

As a result of an interesting E-mail I received, I have been spurred into action and have finally plucked up the courage to paint this awesome beast:

Click the Pic!

The miniature is an Ogre sized miniature sculpted by Mike Thorpe for his Twilight range of miniatures. The miniature will be available here in the near future:


There is a bit of history to this miniature.

A couple of years ago, I went to Salute in London. Salute is a big gaming and miniatures event that a lot of people go to. A few people from the forum of Doom decided to meet up for a chat and I met quite a few new people. That was where I met Mike who, from out of nowhere, produced a small plastic box filled with some of his sculpts. I took one look at the partially complete Belog and was instantly hooked and demanded that he got it cast so that I could buy it! Now I'd like to think it was my fault that Twilight turned up as a result of my demands...but it was already well into the later development stages by then and it was inevitable that the range would become available...quality sells after all.

I was offered the chance to get the Belog a little early and after I assembled him, I was quite intimidated by the prospect of painting him after waiting 2 years for him to arrive...so it is a big thing for me to be painting him today.

I just hope that I do the sculpt justice!

To change the subject...

I have finished re-painting the feet on all of my Urban Grymn that I re-based...so I can put them away and concentrate on other things again!


See you through the purple haze dudes!

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