Sunday, 25 October 2009


What a success my little review has been! I would like to welcome two more followers to my blog; inrepose and Dragonforge. Welcome to you both and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Now for a sort of apology.

A while ago I was over at Frothers Unite and I saw the perfect range of resin bases in one of the forum threads. At the time I said I was going to put an order in at some point due to the fact that the bases were perfect for what I was going to do with them. The bases were made by Dragonforge:

Time passed and I suddenly, without warning, decided that I needed to get the resin bases NOW (as I am impetuous and unpredictable sometimes) so I visited the Dragonforge store...only to discover that it was based in America. Unfortunately I couldn't wait so I went for a different, UK option and that was Fenris Games.

Don't get me wrong...the Fenris bases are excellent but I do feel a bit like I've broken my word so I will be putting in an order with Dragonforge very soon and will put a review up when the bases arrive.

Now all I have to do is decide what the bases will be used for...but I have SO MANY MINIATURES I'm sure I'll find something worthy of them!

See you through the blizzard!


inrepose said...

Thanks for the intro. Those bases look good, I also like the Wyrd miniatures metal base inserts. They have some nice intricate Victorian style inserts.

Inso said...

I'm glad to have you aboard :).

I have heard that the Wyrd inserts are pretty cool but I generally go for the standard edged bases so I doubt if I'll be getting any of the Wyrd ones...

...thanks for the info though!