Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another day; another post.

I got a bit of a surprise today...I received a parcel through the post. I thought there was a postal strike on at the moment but I'm certainly not complaining!

What was in the parcel?

45 metal miniatures, a small vehicle and a pair of jet bikes...all from Void 1.1.

E-bay is great...I got the whole lot for £24-00 (ish) including postage. Not bad eh!?

It was a job lot and the picture on E-bay was of a pile of miniatures with a couple of blisters/boxed vehicle next to them. I couldn't really tell what they were but I thought...what the heck, it's worth a punt and as a result, I have ended up with some really cool minis that I wouldn't have thought about buying separately. I was so impressed by some, that I started painting them straight away. When they are finished, I'll show them off.

So...YAY to E-bay and YAY to Mr. Postie!

See you through the letterbox!

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