Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday Thoughts...

I had a great Halloween yesterday. Me and my family went out for dinner and a trip to the cinema; avoiding all of the trick-or-treaters. What better way to avoid the whole thing?!

We all went to see 'UP' by Disney/Pixar and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It is definitely a film for all the family and is well worth going to see.

On to other things...

I said I was working on a couple of Void miniatures and here they are:

Click the pic!

They are Syntha troops and I thought I'd keep them fairly simple. These were the only four I got in amongst the box of Void miniatures I received from E-Bay so there are unlikely to be any more...not with so many others to paint.

To change the subject...never underestimate the awesome power of soaking in a nice warm bubble bath. There I was, slowly being boiled alive when I came up with a method of clearing the block on my 15mm Dwarf sculpts.

One of the reasons I have sort of stopped on the 15mm Dwarfs is that I couldn't work out how I was going to make the weapons all the same. Well, I've come up with a cunning plan! What I am going to do is make a gun 'stamp' out of plasticard and bits of sprue. With the stamp in hand, I will roll out some Green Stuff and push the stamp into it, making little moulds for the guns. All I'll need to do then is to press a bit of Green Stuff into them and let it dry...a bit of trimming later and I have a gun.

Now I realise that the gun will only be textured on one side but most of the Dwarfs have the weapon up against their bodies you won't see the other side.

I plan on working on the gun-stamp over this coming we'll see how things go.

You see?...I haven't forgotten the 15mm Dwarfs, I just met a stumbling block for a short while.

There are times when the painting bug strikes and times when the sculpting bug strikes. You just have to ride the ebb and flow and progress when the mood takes you.

See you through the condensation!

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