Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wednesday wanderings.

Is it Wednesday already? I wouldn't have known if I hadn't checked the calendar. This week has been a week of management exercises so far...fortunately it's over with for now but it won't go away...

There is always something homely about certain things.

Steak and ale pie.

Coffee made with half milk and half water.

Home made cakes.


The thing with port is that it can be seen as a strong wine...but it isn't. No wine could contain the deep smoky taste that Port has. No wine can fill your mouth with flavour like Port does. No wine could fill your spirit with heat like Port does.

You could put lemonade in it...but that just takes away the soul of it. It is a drink that needs to be savoured can't taint it because if you try, it changes completely.

BUT...there is a price. One or two relax you...a few more enrage you...a few more after that and all hell breaks loose as the stuff tries to escape you!

There are things in life that mean so much more than just 'things'.

Tinned pears and condensed milk.

Bread and dripping...the taste of the jelly under the layer of beef fat; awesome.

Coffee with chicory...I hope I never taste it again and don't mention Camp coffee!

Space dust!

So many things that come and go. We appreciate them differently as we get older and they attain a special place in the soul. How can a tin of pears be so special? It is the memory of those days where everything was so free of responsibility, where the worst you could expect was a clip around the ear or a good telling off. Where you could go and climb a tree without being called a hooligan and play kiss chase with your friends without disapproving people warning you of the dangers of promiscuity. Life was great then...

...and then there was the Sunday dinner. A glorious roast with all the trimmings followed by a bowl of tinned pears with condensed milk.

It's the stuff of legends.


Because as long as you live, you'll remember those special things as clearly as you'll remember stories of mystical dragons, beautiful princesses and daring knights...

...and they become legendary!

Tinned pears?

Food of the gods!

Take care.

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