Friday, 11 September 2009

Oh dear, oh dear...

I've had a bit of a busy week this week. I have been doing lots at work and not having time to do stuff at home...

...I even have to work the weekend.

I don't mind too much because I get to play with helicopters for a change (instead of just being a glorified desk jockey).

Unfortunately, I can't promise any progress on my current projects due to don't expect too much in the way of pics.

I have been thinking a lot about 'stuff' lately and one thing that has crossed my mind is the lack of 15mm sci-fi Dwarfs. In fact, apart from Hasslefree Grymn, there aren't that many 28mm scale sci-fi Dwarfs either. There is also a lack of mushroom men ;) !

Where are there decent sci-fi Lizardmen?

I really think that it is time for a few new ranges.

In fact, I am so convinced, I may even sculpt a range myself. I wonder who would buy a range of 15mm Dwarfs off me? Fat little sci-fi Dwarfs with big guns and beards. Maybe some 30mm tall Space Lizards. Hey, if I actually managed to do 15mm scale space Dwarfs, maybe I could do 28mm scale ones as well?

So, what makes a range then?

What do you really need in a sci-fi range?

A MEGA leader.
His/Her support staff - comms, flag waver (?), bat-man, drill sergeant.
A few officers.
A few Sergeants.
A few Corporals.
A few big-gunners.
A lot of basic troops.
Powered suits of armour?
Robot drones?

What about space pirates?
A MEGA leader.
A bunch of 'characters'
A bunch of big-gunners.
A bunch of mis-matched regulars.

Small groups or large forces?
What about a small squad of super armoured Lizardmen with enough firepower to take down an army!

What would people really want to see?

Questions, questions...

See you on the bright side!


Anonymous said...

I'd buy space pirates and sf lizards if you sculpted them. But only in small numbers, as I'm a role-player, not an army collector.

Inso said...

I think pirates/lizards would be 'partisan' anyway so I doubt that many would be needed.

So...what about 15mm space dwarfs?

Mike Thorp said...

But what about the short little miners/minors with big teeth?

Space lizards would be fun to see. I think it is hard to get lizards looking right though...

15mm space dwarfs would have a certain appeal, but it's not a scale I've ever really played with!

Inso said...

I don't think I would be able to sculpt the Minors from Galaxy Quest to a high enough quality (I have tried and failed more than once).

15mm Space Dwarfs are purely a response to a huge amount of people on various forums asking if there are any available...and there aren't! It could be a complete cash-cow.

I really would love to sculpt some space lizards...I have one already started but it sort of died a death...maybe I'll start it up again.

The Ogarix has really got my sculpting head on for me...I want to sculpt all the time (it must be because I don't have any at the moment!).

Alan said...

15mm is satan's scale.

Of course i only say that having moved to 25/28 decades ago and now regretting it. I have vowed to do everything i would have doen with 15mm in 28mm and hang the expence! (eventually)

As to what you need in a sci-fi range...
scratch the silly powered armour stuff. (including so called powered close combat weapons)
add vehicles of some description. (no bikes or walkers)

And i'd buy minors.


Inso said...

I wasn't contemplating vehicles...just a hand full of miniatures to start with. I have never tried 15mm and just thought, on a whim, that I'd give it a go and seeing as there aren't any space dwarfs, they are the ones to do.

I was thinking of just doing standard troops in light armour until I get the hang of scale. I don't have any 15mm stuff so the sculpts will be as near as I can estimate in build and size.

As much as it pains you, I may do some heavier armoured troops...just because they would be easier to sculpt...we'll see.