Monday, 14 September 2009

A day late.

Sorry I didn't post an update yesterday, I have been working all weekend and didn't have any time for hobby stuff.

What can I tell you? Well, I got to actually work on one of our helicopters for a change (rather than sitting behind a desk) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I changed an awkward access, hydraulic pipe and sorted out all of the functional tests and leak checks that went with's been a while...but was great fun.

I was attacked by a stray cat and now have some lovely puncture marks on my forehead and neck. The cat in question is generally friendly and likes being made a fuss of but I think it caught a reflection in my spectacles and lashed out. Needless to say, I treat the little wotsit with a bit more respect now.

I have done a very small amount of sculpting. The Ogarix is now holding a weapon and I have started to sculpt three 15mm Space Dwarfs. I haven't done much because I am so tired I would mess up any intricate work so I am just doing the easy bits.

I have placed another order with Hasslefree Miniatures...a Grymn pilot with his dog, a Grymn pulling the pin from a grenade and a leader Grymn. Because they are master casts, they are a bit more expensive than they would normally be...but they are worth every penny.

I have seen a few trailers for an upcoming movie called AVATAR. It is a 3D film about humans going to a world full of big, blue aliens. To be honest, I think it will turn into a big 'Eco' film and the story will be rubbish...but I don't care. I have seen the awesome dropships, assault craft, robot walkers and some spectacular battle sequences...the story can go to hell for all I care! What I'd really love to see would be all of the cool kit released as toys in 28mm scale...but that is a vain hope.

I think that is about it for now. I'm sorry there aren't any new pix to show off but hopefully I'll get a bit of time over this week to get something to a point worth taking pix of for Sunday's update.

See you through the murky depths!


Alan said...

got a link to the AVATAR trailer inso?

Inso said...

You may have to copy and paste this but here is a link to a good quality version of the trailer:

Enjoy (apart from the walkers of course ;) ).