Sunday, 6 September 2009

Another Sunday Update.

Hello again! I've just got back from a nice stroll along the side of the River Thames and thought I'd post a bit early today.

Fist up, I have a bit more progress on the Ogarix. His left arm is nearly finished and I've started to detail his right one. Not shown in the pic is the start of his weapon, which is currently a twisted piece of wire coated in a finger-print covered layer of putty! Anyway, here's the pic:

Click the Pic!

Next up is a pic of the Grymn powered armour. As you will see, I have reworked the legs and completely bulked up the suit below the waist. I still have a little bit to do on the legs but I am fairly happy with the look so far:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, I have started to think about the arms. Please note that the gun arm in the picture has only been slid on the wire to show you the part that I was may not end up on this suit and if it does, I doubt very much if the forearm will look the way it does in the picture. The position of the arms will change and the length will be corrected to the right length.

I need to tidy up the legs a bit and I also need to add a few little details to the inside of the ankles.

Well, there you have it.

Catch you on the dark side.


João Marcelo said...

Inso, just remember: CAST THIS!

Inso said...

I can't guarantee it will be cast but I was sent the components with a note to the effect that anything I build needs to be sent back to Hasslefree Miniatures so that they can decide whether or not it will be cast.

To be honest, Kev will need to do a fair bit of tidying for this to even be considered for the Grymn range BUT it may trigger some ideas for future even if it doesn't get cast, it could end up the inspiration for something similar to get cast.