Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I wasn't going to post again this week until I'd got a bit further with my Ogarix but I have had an influx of followers so I thought I'd better return the interest with a few hellos.

Welcomes are going to Grekwood, TJ, Anevilgiraffe and Skullcrafts who have all joined the blog since Sunday...I think that is the most followers I've gained in a week! Thank you all for joining and I hope you find something of interest in Inso's World.

What is going on with the Ogarix? Well, he has had his arms fleshed out a bit and his cap covered in Brown putty. I haven't started on the weapon yet and will seriously need to sand down the cap to get it nice and smooth (then I can cut holes in it :D ).

As well as working on the big guy, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the next character; the shaman. I have a completely set idea on how he will look and also I am convinced that he should be bigger than the Agarix but smaller than the Ogarix. He will be different to the look of the standard Mushroom Men so far. I'm not saying anything else about the design because I want to surprise you. Finally...I haven't started it yet so I have nothing to show off at the moment.

At the moment, I am really suffering with insomnia so I am not able to get on with some of the more fiddly elements of the hobby. That said, being really tired expands the mind so I have got a head full of new ideas! I am looking forward to receiving my parcel from Hasslefree Miniatures so that I can crack on with some Grymn cavalry...not start the sculpting yet but just get the Grymn trimmed and cleaned ready for the putty to go on (I think that there will need to be a lot of conversion work on I am taking a pre-emptive deep breath).

That's it for now; my ramblings are over!

See you on the bright side!

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