Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday...STOP THE PRESS!

Today has been pretty cool (apart from the sunburn on my forehead, nose and neck).


I received a parcel.

It contained my order from Hasslefree Miniatures so I can now make 8 Grymn cavalry.

It contained a goody bag containing some magnetic bits and pieces, a bubble gum and some metal components for conversions (alien heads and a few cinematic effects).

It also contained, as a gift, some resin components.

I now have the main components for building a resin Grymn walker AND a powered armour trooper. Not only that, I have a pair of resin blanks for two Grymn in standard armour!

I am extremely happy about the gifts and I thank Kev and Sally white, at Hasslefree Miniatures for their generosity.

Now...what can I do with the bits and pieces...decisions, decisions...

On to other things, I also went to a families day today. There were lots of parked aircraft, flying displays, parachutists, classic cars, a fun fair and many other things to see. I went with my family and my in-laws and we had a very nice time. It was only when I got home that I realised I looked like a tomato...oh, I am going to get the mickey taken out of me tomorrow!

See you on the happy farm!


bandit86 said...

Your Grymn stuff is fantastic. Is Kev now making Grymn blanks those would be so cool?
Also I love the desert Grymns the extra work on those really paind off. I had just bought an old Void dune buggy on ebay you should look into those I think they would go great with those grymns.

Inso said...

Hi Bandit86.

I'm not sure whether the resin blanks will turn into metal ones and go on sale but I think that is the plan. Even if they don't, they will speed things up in the Grymn production side of things.

My desert veterans are an all walker force. I am using tiger APCs for the troops (the quadruped walkers) and the only troops to make their own way in the desert will be rough riders...which I am working on at the moment.

Those buggies are cool though...maybe when I eventually get around to my Bohkin forces, they'll get a few.

Alan said...

YOU got walker bits!!!!!

mutter mutter....

Oh wait I hate walkers...

Dmanit you got the walker. and kev still has the grav bike... hmmmm

Inso said...

I actually got resin casts of the walker parts. Basically casts of the finished legs and feet with a WIP cast of the cockpit area and crotch.

With the Grav Bike being on permanent hold, I doubt if resin casts were ever made...otherwise, I'm sure Kev would have thought of you.

donna said...