Sunday, 30 August 2009

Is it Sunday?...

I did something different today. I took my family down to Somerset and visited my Dad and Step-Mum. I also took them over to Lyme Regis but it was so packed with tourists that I couldn't find a place to park so we traveled through the fog and went to Seaton instead. It was great to see my Dad and Step Mum again (haven't seen them since February) and it was great to see the sea as well. It is funny how a trip to the beach with children is a bit like taking dogs out for a walk, you let them off the lead and they run about like lunatics!

Anyway, that explains why I haven't posted anything today...

On another subject, I have sanded down the Ogarix's cap and am ready to get to work on his arms properly now. I have also started to assemble the Enuks and Baruks that I recently had Grymn the cavalry unit is in the making.

I may be doing a small commission for a member of the Forum of Doom soon, a conversion of a zombie hunter...once I have cofirmation, I'll be sure to show some pix.

I have decided how to convert the powered armour that Kev (from Hasslefree Miniatures) sent over. Whilst lying awake all night, I fixed a design in my head so now all that remains is to recreate the design in miniature form...that's the difficult bit! I just hope that Kev knows what he has let himself in for because it is not going to be what he may be expecting...

The War Walker, on the other hand, will be waiting for a while as I need to stare at it for some time to get some inspiration. I hate to say it but I may end up re-making the cabin/body completely...we'll see.

The two blanks will get done when they get done but I'm thinking that we need some real 'hero' miniatures for them...possibly a chariacture or two?

So Monday's pix will consist of an Ogarix update and possibly the start of the Powered armour wearing Grymn. If I get anywhere with the cavalry mounts, then they'll get pix too.

Is it Monday already?!

See you through the haze!

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