Monday, 31 August 2009

Go on then...I couldn't resist!

I thought about it and decided to post some progress pix of the Ogarix. Please bear in mind that the arms are not fixed in position yet and they are still VERY WIP. As the pic states, the copper hand will hold a weapon so I haven't added any 'flesh' yet. You can see that the cap has been shaped a bit better and sanded down...still a way to go yet though:

Click the Pic!

Now on to what everyone REALLY wants to see; the Grymn Powered Armour. I have glued the legs in place so that I can get an idea of the required height but I will be completely changing them...they are much too spindly for the bulk of the suit. I have also trimmed away a bit of the codpiece so that it didn't look like he had a 'horse under there' with an unnatural, wide legged stance. The shoulders are just popped on loose. Tomlinz is for scale:

Click the Pic!

As you can see from the pic, the suit is MUCH more bulky than the original Torsten suit and really exudes POWER.

I'm not saying anything more about the powered armour...I'll let you all study it and make up your own assured, I have some major plans for it!

I will not be showing any pix of the Grymn Walker until I have decided what to do with it...and that may take some time. For the two Grymn trooper blanks, just check out the workbench page on the Hasslefree Miniatures site.

See you on the flip side!