Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Wow...more people have joined the blog! I'd like to welcome Darknight, David Jaske and Eric Lakin to Inso's world. I hope that you get what you are looking for here and also that you find something that gives you ideas for projects of your own.


It seems that something has stirred in the ether that has sort of caught the hobby world by storm...


What do I think? Well, it looks pretty good but I think that £60-00 is a bit too expensive for a boardgame (especially since Lego has recently brought out a series of customisable board games for a fraction of the price...and they will have MUCH more play value).

What has really captured my attention is the fact that Spacehulk is 'limited edition'. I hate it when companies release things on limited edition for two reasons.

1. You may not get hold of the stuff you want because you have to attened a certain event OR jump through various hoops to qualify OR you have to be the first in a queue.

2. You know very well that it will only be limited edition UNTIL they realise that it has sold like hot-cakes at which point it will suddenly not become so limited as the 'new' item is released in a different box (but with the exact same product inside).

Now I realise that 'Limited Edition' items can be essential to small companies trying to raise funds for the more general stuff that they release but I do find it frustrating sometimes when I see something that I MUST have only to discover it is only available when you attend the 'game-place event in Illonois' (made up name but you get the idea).


On to other things.

Does Iron Man look like a GW Space Marine? What about Master Chief? Stormtroopers from Starwars? Do any of these look like Space Marines? Starship Troopers...

I ask this because it seems that everytime anyone releases pix of their new 'powered armour' there is always a chorus of 'that looks like a Space Marine'. There have been occasions where people have deliberately jumped on the style of a SpaceMarine in a deliberate attempt to copy IP BUT generally speaking, if there is so much as a knee pad or elbow joint that resembles anything from a Space Marine, the GW shouts start.

I am saying this because the Grymn powered armour WIP that I have shown, looks like a Space Marine...aparently. Now, bear in mind that the legs are just frames for putty (as I have already mentioned the legs will be changed), does the body look like a Space Marine? Does it? Hmmm?

I love the way 'Work In Progress' means 'Finished Article' to so many people. It sometimes makes me cringe when someone puts up an obviously unfinished miniature, calls it a WIP and some one tells them that the head needs detail...even though the head hasn't been started! Or when there is an almost complete miniature,sculpted in fantastic detail, with an obviously unfinished part (due to it lacking the same level of detail) and someone points out the fact that it needs more work.

WIP means Work In Progress.

Oh...by the way, the legs on the Grymn Powered Armour have been changed. When they are a little more complete, I'll post pix...

...but it will probably just look like a Space Marine though...


Alan said...

Couldn't agree more about the fact that WIP means things could change.

Now, we both know i'm not mad sold on the idea of enclosed powered armour... but i'll go with the flow.

One of the things that many comapnaies seem to get wrong is the size of the human inside the armour. They slap great slabs of protection all over the figure and it ends up standing like its sitting on a horse just to get the leg armour in. Then it needs 8' long arms with two elbows and hands like mountain gorillas but with 6 inches between each finger.

I think what hasslefree is going here is better than most but its still has some of those issues. Its those traits I think that say 'space arine" to many people regardless of whether they have beaky helmets or not.

When it comes to upper armour and helmets I like the fully enclosed style of the mongoose starship troopers grizzly suit... http://grafika.cytadela.pl/articles/589b.jpg However the upper armour almost looks like a piloted mech but the legs and arms have the same over-extended problem as space amrines et al...

Inso said...

Have patience and all will become clear.

The arms will not be as you'd expect and the legs are seriously in a state of flux at the moment.

The only reason I put the loosely assembled pic up was so that people could see what I got sent. Unfortunately it has meant that everyone is thinking that it is going to look like the pic when finished. It isn't. The body and shoulder joints are all that will remain grey. The rest of the bits are getting treatment.

Darknight said...

There are two issues here; powered armor looking like Space Marines, and the WIP issue. They are both worthy of consideration.

Your blog post makes it very clear that the torso and shoulders of the Grymn armor are nothing like Marines, and I agree. You also point out that the legs are frames for putty (and, hence, WIP).

The fact of the matter is, however, that the legs look virtually identical to Space Marine legs. I think you could put them on an actual Space Marine and not notice the difference (unless the size is totally off). So, someone saying "they look like Space Marine legs" is perfectly reasonable - they DO look like Space Marine legs.

And this also leads to what I want to say about WIP. Sure, WIP does not equal finished - but any comment which says "this needs work" is a perfectly valid comment. The person commenting can only comment on the model as it is seen THEN. Putting up an incomplete model invites comments on the incomplete model - and, hence, for the Grymn powered armor, that invites the comments "The legs look like Space Marine legs and it needs work".

Basically, people will inevitably comment on what you have shown them. Saying "this is a WIP" does not magically mean people know what the final product is going to look like. Viewers will comment on what they see - and if that is incomplete, looks like something else, or needs work, then that is what they will say.

And, to ask the inevitable question; what do you expect people to say about a WIP model other than commenting on where you need to work? Surely that was the point of posting an incomplete figure?

Inso said...

The only reason I posted the pic of the powered armour was because I was asked to by more than a couple of people.

I now regret posting it with the Space Marine style legs (in fact, with all the argument it has generated, I am beginning to regret posting it at all) because there are very few comments on any forum that concentrate on the differences rather than 'it looks like a space marine'.

If I had posted the torso with wire legs, would I have actually needed someone to point out that the legs needed work? I think that would be a post for posting's sake.

Having said that the legs were not going to look like they do, wouldn't that suggest that I was looking for comments about the rest of the model rather than the bits I would be changing...or alternatively suggestions on how the legs COULD be changed?

I realise that I may have sounded negative but I would like to think that common sense reigns here.

As for the comments on WIP, they weren't really aimed at the Powered Armour. They were aimed at comments I had read on a forum that seemed to be pointing out an awful lot of obvious things, just for the sake of it...but I didn't make that clear because I thought they were general observations.

But there you go, if you write a Blog it can be quite easy to give a different impression to the one you intend...so much for a quiet life, eh?