Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday again!

I have been busy again today and have steadily plodded along with the Ogarix. I have just finished sculpting what is pictured and the legs are still in the process of I won't be able to do much more today (without damaging what I have already done)...anyway, here he is:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

What have I done? Well...I've altered the face a little (so that it fits in better with the little guys), added the gills under the cap (and if I NEVER have to do that again, it will be too soon!) and also built up the legs. Some of the leg anatomy is a little bit odd...but it's a giant walking I'm not really too worried about it. far so good. I now have the cap, arms and weapon(s) to finish off and he'll be all ready for paint! I am hoping to have this finished (sculpt wise) by next weekend but it all depends on work and things like that.

I have plans for the weapon and the arms are going to be as long as the little guy's arms (but obviously to scale) so he'll be able to touch the ground without bending else are you supposed to squash the humans?!

See you on the flip side!


A Thousand Hats said...

The big fella is looking very good - have you thought of moulding him for resin casting?

It might be a bit tricky without detaching the 'cap' (I'm thinking the depth might be a bit much) but you might be able to sell casts of the monstrosity if you give it a go.

Mind you, detaching the cap wouldn't be too hard I guess so you could make him a 4 parter (body, left arm, right arm and cap).

Just a thought - there are giant mushroom men in D&D so there might be a market for your sculpt if you do the arms without a Sci-fi weapon on them (just fists for example).

Inso said...

This one isn't made well enough for casting. He has been covered in old Green Stuff which has little bits of uncured putty all through it. I doubt very much if it is stable enough to cast properly.

That said, your idea is a good one but it will mean me sculpting more of them, with an actual view to casting (so that I can plan the sculpt better and not have to chop it up).

With some of the responses I have got for this sculpt, I am sorely tempted to sculpt a couple for casting...but it may take a while.