Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday spores...

Well, I guess it's the weekend again and time for another post...but before I go too far, I'd like to welcome another follower; Piotr Adamiak. Welcome to my blog Piotr!

So what's new? Well spurred on by my MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE!, I couldn't help turning my attention to a bit of heavy support.

The first thing I did was to twist up a bit of copper wire and cover it with some Milliput; building it up into a basic frame:

Click the Pic!

Next I put a few blobs of Green Stuff on the frame for the eyes, knees and toes so that they could set hard ready for a bit of putty to go over the top. Then I started building up the face and torso. What looks a bit like ears is where the arms will plug in.

Click the Pic!

As you can see from the pic, I have changed a few details so that it isn't a straight copy of one of the smaller ones (but BIGGER), namely the mouth and the bulkiness of the legs.

When the sculpt is finished, it will be completely green so you can see that I still have quite a long way to go. I hope to spend a bit of time on this one tomorrow so hopefully I should almost have the legs and body done...If I'm really lucky I may get the gills done too... it a hit or a miss?

See you on the flip side!


Anonymous said...

Well, I love it. I like how it seems you're making the skin wrinkled and elephantine.

And the face reminds me of the Gowachin frog-people you started making so many years ago.

(Message from Planet Daharech)

João Marcelo said...

Great work! That one should be casted, for sure!