Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wednesday Update.

Well, it is Wednesday and that means that it is the last day of my holiday so I will be back to work tomorrow. I've had quite a nice break pottering about, going shopping and chilling out.

Before I start the post proper, I'd like to welcome the newest follower to my blog. Welcome Mikkel Nyboe! I hope you enjoy your visits!

On to the hobby...The MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE! have progressed a little. I have assembled and painted all eight of them and just have the bases to texture and paint. Here is a pic of their current state:

Click the Pic!

Here is a larger pic so that you can see their staring, uncaring eyes:

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I am quite pleased with how they turned out, especially seeing as they didn't really take too much work (not when compared to some of the camouflaged Grymn).

Speaking of Grymn, I have completed the conversion work on the desert veteran platoon. I could go the whole hog and put buttons on all of the pouches but to be frank, I can't really be bothered. The first pic below, is a front and back view of the command squad:

Click the Pic!

Next up is a front and back view of the first squad:

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Finally, we have a front and back view of the second squad:

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Each squad contains a Sgt, missile launcher, comms specialist and grenade launcher. The command squad has a lieutenant, comms specialist, Medic, melta-gunner and standard trooper.

If there are any questions/comments feel free to ask away!

I suppose the next job will be sorting out the bases for the MUSHROOM MEN FROM OUTER SPACE! and assembling the desert veteran command HQ ready for converting. I can't say when I'll get around to it but hopefully, it will be quite soon.

See you on the flip side!

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