Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Holiday time!

I am on holiday. I went in to work on Monday and just couldn't face being there so I've put in a week and a bits leave. That means I have got a little bit of R&R time. So far we (as a family) have been to Reading and Oxford and have been out and about to various places. I've even been out and kicked a football around with my lad (which is a bloody miracle!).

I have also had a bit of internet time and have been hitting the E-shops hard!

As I have mentioned before, I have a bit of money set aside in the Hasslefree Miniatures shop (it was a Bonus Credit £150 of credit for £100) so I have ordered a bunch of Twilight 'Enuks' and 'Baruks' along with a bunch of Grymn to make a squad of eight cavalry.

I've also been very lucky and have been in touch with the designer and sculptor of the Twilight miniatures. He is sending me some very special Twilight items that are not released yet. When they arrive and I have them assembled, I will post some pix. The REALLY special thing about the items that are being sent is that one of them is the miniature I have been most looking forward to seeing since I saw it partially completed at Salute a couple of years ago...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

On another Hasslefree front, they are having the yearly bonus event at the moment. Basically, there are all sorts of deals going on including 'buy stuff and get free miniatures', ' buy stuff and get free miniatures and a bonus bag' and 'buy stuff get free miniatures, a bonus bag AND raffle tickets for master castings from the whole year!' really is too good an opportunity to miss... I bought a lot of stuff (not using credit but REAL MONEY) including more Grymn, some guns and some mushroom men!

Did I mention mushroom men? Well, I was browsing over at TMP and clicked onto a Golgo Island game thread and shown in some the pix of the game were some converted alien mushroom men. I took one look at them and saw justification for me buying some (I have been looking for a reason to buy some for I had one!). Now all I have to do is wait for them to turn up, add the guns that I bought to go with them and off we go!

Back to Grymn. As you can tell, I have been thinking Grymn a lot lately. They are my favourite miniatures at the moment and I feel that I have somewhat neglected them recently. As a result, I had my storage cases out last night and have been looking through the Desert Veterans to try to sort out what I was going to do with them. I totted everything up and I have a full platoon, a special weapon squad and a colonel to lead them. The order that I placed was for 4 troops to join the colonel in the HQ squad and ten troops to make up an armoured fist squad. That means that the little army will be as follows:

Command HQ (HQ Choice):
Colonel, Comms, Medic, 2x Melta.

Special Weapon Squad (Part of the Colonel's HQ Choice):
3xSMG, 3xSniper.

Infantry platoon (Troops Choice):
HQ: Lieutenant, Comms, Medic, SMG, Melta.
Squad1: Sgt, Comms, Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, 6xSMG.
Squad2: Sgt, Comms, Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, 6xSMG.

Armoured Fist squad (Troops Choice):
Sgt, Comms, Meltagun, Missile Launcher, 6xSMG.

All six of the above units will be mounted in Tiger APCs (they will count as Chimeras).

Doctrines will be: Mechanised, Carapace Armour, Special Weapon Squads and possibly Rough Riders at a later date...depending on how the cavalry experiment turns out.

Well...that's all the paper-plans, what about the work plans? Well, the Urban squad will continue being painted but they will be joined by a few desert veterans who will be getting a bit of Green Stuff work done. Most of the troops have had desert head-gear added but there will be extra pouches and stuff to add as well. I have NO PLANS to work on the Tiger APCs in any way at the moment. I need a decent sander and an airbrush before I even unpack the Tigers from their box.

PHEW! That is about it at the moment. I'm sure that there will be more to follow soon!

See you on the funny side!

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