Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday progress.

It has been another sunny day and we all visited Basingstoke today. I haven't been there for a good few years and the whole place has changed dramatically. It now has a very nice shopping centre with, amongst other things, a couple of model shops so I was very pleased (even though I didn't actually buy anything).

When I returned from my travels, I found that a parcel had arrived and in it were some minis from the Twilight creator; Mike Thorp. I have been sworn to secrecy over two of the minis but I can tell you that they are very, very nice... you may see a certain Enuk in the pic further down this post (I'm sure he won't mind me showing that one off...well, I hope not!)...

...while we're on the subject of the pic, it shows the first work for ages on my desert veterans:

Click the Pic!

I have started to bulk up the existing troops with extra water bottles and pouches. Most of them already had their hats sculpted about a year ago but a few still needed them adding. The pic shows the first squad of a platoon. Five have had extra pouches and bottles added (they just need buttons) and five are awaiting the same treatment. I have a total of 40 of these to do.

You can also see a scale pic (at the bottom) of an Enuk next to the leader of the squad. I think it will make a really nice cavalry mount and I have a selection of armoured ones in the post ready to join this one when they arrive. I think that the riders will take a lot of converting...but I'm sure I'll think of something!

That's it for now!

See you on the other side.


Alan said...

Repeat after me Inso.

"Enuks are NOT Taun Tauns"

love the desert troopers... i presume you're cutting legs of some grymn to make riders?

Inso said...

I know they aren't Taun Tauns but they ARE pretty damn cool :).

I have bought a hand full of Voltan and Gustavs to use as riders and am hoping to convert the legs in some way to get them to fit (cut/bend). If I can't do that, then it will be a case of sculpting a bunch of legs to fit the Enuk and then adding Grymn bodies to them. I envisage a lot of work whichever way I have to do it.

A Thousand Hats said...

These little fellas are cool - I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Enuk riders.

I presume you're thinking IG Rough Riders with regards your army building process. Are you going to give them explosive head lances?

After seeing your 'Dress a Kev' over on the FOD and other bits and pieces of putty pushing you've done I'm expecting them to be fabulous!

No pressure though :D

Inso said...

The organisation is based on the older Imperial Guard Codex (the one with Doctrines). That allows me to take 5-10 Rough-riders with las-pistol & CCW (replacing either with a hunting lance) the moment I am not planning on using the lances but it will depend more on how the conversion process goes than the I won't rule it out at the moment.

With regards to how they will look, the good thing is that I like the Enuks and the Grymn so it is likely that I'll want to put the effort in...that's all I can say for now.


Rob Bresnen said...

Very cool inso, very cool! I am amazed the progres you have made on these guys- cant wait to see the finished platoon!